What If you Fail your Canadian Citizenship Test?

1st Failure

If you failed the official Canadian Citizenship Test, IRCC will arrange for you to take another test if you still meet the criteria for citizenship. Normally, the second test follows the first one by 4 to 8 weeks, though this can vary.

2nd Failure

IRCC will send you a notification requesting that you appear at a hearing with a citizenship authority if you fail your second exam. The proceeding:

  • will last 30 to 90 minutes
  • may be in person or by videoconference
  • may be used to assess one or more requirements for citizenship, for example:
    • Knowledge of Canada
    • Language

3rd Failure

IRCC will reject your application if, after three tries, you are still unable to pass the test. To try once more, you must restart the entire Citizenship application.

Timing Family Applications

When you apply with your family, IRCC process all applications together. If you have to re-write the test or go to a hearing, your family may be invited to a ceremony before you. If you want IRCC to continue processing all the applications together, you may ask IRCC to pause your family’s applications. IRCC will wait until you meet all the requirements so the whole family is invited to the same citizenship ceremony and can become citizens at the same time.