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It’s easier with practice tests

600+ Test Questions

Learn quickly with chapter practice tests, marathon tests, flashcards and more to pass your Canadian Citizenship Test.

Simulation Tests

Utilize simulation tests to prepare for exam day. Our proprietary algorithm provides unlimited iterations of the Citizenship Exam.

600+ Questions
Learn quickly with chapter quizzes, flashcards and test simulations of the Canadian Citizenship Test.
Test Simulations
Take unlimited test simulations to prepare for exam day. Our proprietary algorithm provides unlimited iterations of the test.
Chapter Lessons
Learn about Canada from chapter lessons which also include timeline overviews of all the important dates required for the test.
Weakness Evaluations AI
With the power of AI, quickly identify gaps in your knowledge of Canada by viewing detailed evaluations of your performances.

Weakness EvaluationNew

Our AI-powered report quickly identifies your knowledge gaps and provides you with a detailed evaluation of your performance.


Learn quickly with the Study Guide

Easy & User-Friendly

Easily prepare from any device with audio lessons, text or PDF. The study guide has all the important facts highlighted to ensure you don’t miss the important details required to pass the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Chapter by chapter

Taking it one chapter at a time can help you to better retain the information required to pass the official test. Complete a chapter and then complete our chapter tests before moving on to the next chapter.

Prepare on the go

Conveniently study from any device, including, mobile, tablet or desktop/laptop. Your progress is automatically saved which allows you to resume your preparation on any device.


600+ Test Questions and Answers

Answer explanations

Each question has an explanation so you’ll understand why your answer is wrong or correct which helps you to quickly learn as you go.


Explore chapter-based and topic-specific questions from Discover Canada. Preparing with practice tests by chapter is an excellent way to prepare and improve your knowledge of Canada.

Dynamic and Weighted

Our questions are dynamic and weighted, which means that each time you take a test, you experience a new randomized version of the test. Our Performance Tracker will also let you know if you have fallen behind.


Enhanced Mock Tests

Chapter Evaluations

If you fail a test, our report will let you know exactly which chapters you may need to revisit.

AI-Powered Weakness Analysis

Identify gaps in your knowledge of Discover Canada by viewing a detailed evaluation of your performance

Performance Tracker

Our performance tracker helps you to stay engaged and alerts you if you fall behind.


AI-Powered Simulation Tests

Unlimited Test Iterations

With a single click, generate unique simulations of the Canadian Citizenship Test. Our proprietary algorithm provides you with the most accurate simulation of the official Canadian Citizenship test.

Weakness Evaluation

Identify gaps in your knowledge of Discover Canada by viewing a detailed evaluation of your performance. With the power of AI, quickly identify gaps and improve your knowledge before taking your official Canadian Citizenship Test.

Chapter Evaluation

Save time with our Chapter Evaluations. CitizenTest, embraces the power of AI and advanced technologies to provide you with the best preparation experience.


Citizenship Prep with Flashcards

Challenge yourself

Preparing with flashcards is an excellent way to test and improve your knowledge of Discover Canada. Guess the answer, then select the rotation icon to flip the card and reveal the correct answer.


Feeling overly confident about a chapter? Jump into flashcards for that chapter to further challenge yourself.

Have some fun

Testing your knowledge with Flashcards is a fun way to prepare for your big moment. It takes you out of the comfort zone of multiple-choice questions and pushes you to think outside the box.


Must-have Preparation Tools

Important dates

See the big picture by scrolling through our extensive timeline of Canada’s history.

Important People

View a detailed list of all the important people in Canada’s vibrant history and cultural identity.

Interactive Regional Map

Learn about the different regions, provinces/territories and more in Canada, with a visual Interactive map.


Feels like the real test

Prepare efficiently

It can be difficult to keep track of all the information required for the test. Our citizenship course which includes lessons and test questions is a great way to help you integrate that knowledge and reinforce it without re-reading study materials. It’s almost like having a Canadian citizenship test cheat sheet.

Learn from your mistakes

Explore chapter-based and topic-based Discover Canada practice tests. Preparing with practice tests by chapter is an excellent way to prepare. This allows you to learn quickly and better retain the information as you prepare for your big moment.

Review your toughest questions

Your incorrectly answered questions are stored automatically so that you can review and retake them until you’re able to answer correctly. Our Canadian citizenship online study guide has everything you need to ace your test.


Most Popular Features

600+ Test Questions

Practice with 600+ test questions including multiple choice and true or false questions.

Simulation Tests

Our simulation draws questions from every chapter with our proprietary algorithm.

Weakness Evaluations AI

With AI, quickly identify knowledge gaps by viewing evaluations of your performances.

Chapter Tests

Study a chapter and then quiz yourself with Quizzes tailored from individual chapters of Discover Canada.

Important Dates & People

Includes an extensive timeline overview of all the important dates in Canada’s history, Important people of Canada and more.

Flashcards & More

Use flashcards to help you better retain the details while also having fun at the same time.


Learn while having fun

Be fully prepared

Mindlessly flipping through study materials can get monotonous. CitizenTest turns learning new things and retaining that knowledge into a game as you prepare.

Don’t study – play

The more you want to play, the better prepared for your test you’ll be. By the time you’ve mastered all our tests, you’ll be over-prepared (in a good way).

Gain confidence

Includes multiple difficulty levels to ensure you gradually gain confidence as you prepare conveniently.


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