Common questions about the Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian Citizenship Test is an important part of the naturalization process for immigrants seeking to become Canadian citizens. Here are some frequently asked questions about the citizenship test:

  1. What is the format of the citizenship test? The citizenship test is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 20 questions. Test takers are given 30 minutes to complete the test.
  2. What is the pass mark for the citizenship test? To pass the citizenship test, test takers must answer at least 15 out of 20 questions correctly, or a 75% pass mark.
  3. What is the study material for the citizenship test? The main study material for the citizenship test is the “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship” study guide. This guide is available for free on the Government of Canada’s website and covers a wide range of topics related to Canada’s history, geography, government, and laws.
  4. Can I take the citizenship test in my native language? Test takers have the option of taking the citizenship test in one of the 20 languages that are supported by the test. However, test takers must also demonstrate an ability to communicate in English or French at a basic level in order to become a Canadian citizen.
  5. Can I get help preparing for the citizenship test? There are several online resources and study materials available to help test takers prepare for the citizenship test, including practice tests and sample questions. Test takers can also seek help from a tutor or language instructor if they need additional assistance.
  6. How often can I take the citizenship test? Test takers can take the citizenship test as many times as necessary to pass. However, there may be fees associated with taking the test multiple times.
  7. What happens if I fail the citizenship test? If a test taker fails the citizenship test, they will be given the opportunity to retake the test at a later date. It is important for test takers to study and prepare for the test in order to increase their chances of success.

By understanding the format, pass mark, and study material for the citizenship test, as well as the options for taking the test in different languages and getting help preparing, immigrants can increase their chances of success on the Canadian Citizenship Test.

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