How do I start the preparation?

Canada is a diverse country with a rich history and culture, and becoming a citizen of this great nation is a significant milestone in the life of an immigrant. The process of obtaining Canadian citizenship involves a few steps, including meeting the residency requirements, completing the application form, and passing the citizenship test. In this article, we will discuss how to start preparing for the Canadian citizenship test.

The Canadian citizenship test is designed to assess an applicant’s knowledge of Canadian history, geography, politics, and culture. The test is usually multiple-choice, and it comprises 20 questions, which are randomly selected from the Discover Canada study guide. To pass the test, an applicant must answer at least 15 questions correctly.

To start preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test. Start by downloading the official study guide from our download page. We recommend that you read the official study guide at least once, to get a sense of the material before diving into our practice questions and exam simulators.

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